Wir waschen Deine Wäsche

Branding, Web Design, Packaging, Product Design

Waschbote – a laundry service that picks up your dirty clothes and brings them back to you, all clean and ironed. In 2015 Waschbote approached me to design the brand for their startup. What first started as a one time project, turned out to be a part-time job. Starting June 2017, I’m officially part of the Waschbote-Team as their Creative Director.


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hi! my name is Ash!

Hi there! My name is Ash! I’m a caffeinated freelance Art Director, Visual Artist and Storyteller, but above all I am a Maker of Things. My heart belongs to nostalgia, my pup and whatever decent coffee I am served. I have a thing for ripped jeans, contemporary literature and the art of reinventing myself whenever life gets too dull.

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