Hi there,
My name is Ash!

Vienna based freelance Art Director, Visual Artist & Storyteller

I’m a caffeinated freelance Art Director, Visual Artist, and Storyteller but above all, I am a Maker of Things. Currently, I’m working on multiple projects, including doing creative things for WASCHBOTE.AT, creating cool websites for IDENTUM.AT and working with various other INDIVIDUALS, AGENCIES & STARTUPS. When I’m not doing client work, I’m focusing on MY OWN PROJECTS. I’m always looking for NEW AND EXCITING WORK.


I’m a 21st-century vagabond who’s currently residing in Vienna, Austria. My heart belongs to nostalgia, my pup and whatever decent coffee I am served. I have a thing for ripped jeans, contemporary literature and the art of reinventing myself whenever life gets too dull. I am in my early 30s, but my face hasn’t gotten the memo yet. I’m carrying a leather-bound notebook wherever I go to lock away thoughts between ink scattered pages. My future self is constantly competing against my past self. No one ever wins. The contents of my bag are a weird salmagundi of even weirder things, but most times you’d find two cameras, a few notebooks & pens, a various mix of dog treats and everything one might need in the event of an apocalypse. I’m thrilled to death with life. Dickens taught me a love for books, Bukowski taught me the love for aphelia in written words, Nietzsche taught me that the external should has no power over my own motive. I’m an advocate for equal rights but believe we’re too sensitive when it comes to political correctness.



For over a decade now I’ve been making my way through the creative industry. I’ve worked as an Art Director, Graphic & Web Designer, Project Manager and Strategist – either as a freelancer or in agencies. I love working with small businesses, start-ups and other creative individuals. But I also had the opportunity to work with a broad range of national & international clients, such as T-Mobile, eBay, Wiener Linien, Swisscom and Google.

I was never one to settle, so I’ve been working in various design fields – from web & product design to branding & editorial design – and I am always trying out new programs and techniques to keep myself motivated. I believe the best learning opportunities come with saying yes to projects that scare you a bit – that’s how I managed to learn coding as well as 3D modeling. So, yes to uncharted waters and constantly working on improving my skills.

If you’d like to work with me, feel free to shoot me a mail!